HUMBUG / edition 2

The Mieroszewski Centre, together with the Demagog Association, is organising a series of Humbug fact-checking workshops for primary and secondary school teachers. Through our workshops, educators will be equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to develop students' critical thinking skills and to assess the credibility of information.

In today's world, where fake news and misinformation are becoming an increasing challenge, the ability to verify facts is crucial not only for the development of individual students, but also for the health of society as a whole. Teachers, as frontline educators, have an irreplaceable role in imparting this competence.

In the face of the growing threat of disinformation, especially resulting from Russian activities in the media space of Central and Eastern European countries, the ability to verify facts is crucial. Disinformation aims to create confusion, undermine trust in democratic institutions and spread social divisions, making media education more necessary than ever.

Our trainings are workshop-based, during which we do not focus on giving dry facts about disinformation, but show how to use modern tools to talk to students about the problem of disinformation, using examples "from the internet" to show manipulated information. In addition, during the workshop, participants will jointly develop new materials for use in the classroom. We want our workshops to become a place where teachers can share their experiences and concerns. Topics to be covered during the training:

  • Fake news and other types of false information
  • Reliable sources of information
  • The fact-checker's toolbox, i.e. tools for verification
  • How to respond to false information in conversation and on the web
  • Disinformation around the war in Ukraine and the refugee crisis
  • How to address disinformation in the classroom - methods and tools
  • Who are invited to participate in the workshop?
  • Primary and secondary school teachers, educators and educators.

When and where will the workshop take place?
The two-day training will take place in four locations in Poland allowing access for teachers from different regions:

  • Olsztyn, 26-27 April 2024
  • Katowice, 7-8 June 2024
  • Szczecin, 25-26 October 2024
  • Rzeszów, 22-23 November 2024.

The picturesque location, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and surrounded by nature, will be an ideal space for intensive work as well as for making new contacts.

Details of the venue will be provided once participants have signed up. Sequence of applications counts, the number of places is limited, so we encourage you to register quickly.

What we provide?
We provide:

  • accommodation and meals during the training
  • reimbursement of transport costs
  • teaching materials
  • course completion certificate.

How can I enrol?
You can enrol via the application form available at this link:

When the enrolment ends?
Enrolment lasts until 7 April 2024, but the order in which applications are received is important. Places are limited, so early registration is encouraged.

"Transcend the facts: discover the tools to fight fake news!"

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