Disputes and Cooperation in the Polish-Ukrainian Intellectual Dialogue

Where: Warszawa

Centrum Zielna, ul. Zielna 37


The Mieroszewski Centre

Language: Polish, English
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Nineteenth-century discussions between Poles and Ruthenians/Ukrainians about the past and the future of the two nations is a topic that deserves intensive research for both purely knowledge-based and political reasons. The ideas of dialogue that arose at the time were largely justified by the need for solidarity and cooperation in the face of the Russian threat. At the same time, various disputes arose or became apparent, including those concerning the interpretation of history and the desired strategy of political action aimed at realizing the fundamental interests of both nations. The impact of these discussions at the time is sometimes still manifest today.

How did Polish-Ukrainian political relations evolve? What factors related to the politics of the empires determined Polish-Ukrainian intellectual interactions? How were relations between Poles and Ukrainians influenced by Polish-Russian political and cultural antagonism? These and other questions will be answered by eminent scholars and researchers at the international academic conference "Nothing can defeat the idea of nationality" - disputes and cooperation in the polish-ukrainian intellectual dialogue in 1831-1918.

The Mieroszewski Centre invites to this event which attempts an in-depth analysis of the historical discussions between Poles and Ukrainians from not only a scholarly perspective but also from a political one. These issues, although rooted in the past, continue to affect contemporary Polish-Ukrainian relations.

The conference will focus on reinterpreting the dialogues and conflicts that shaped Polish-Ukrainian intellectual relations during the period from the November Uprising in 1831 until the end of the First World War in 1918. 

During the conference, its participants intend to discuss key issues such as:

  • the evolution of Polish-Ukrainian political relations,
  • factors related to the politics of empires determining Polish-Ukrainian intellectual interactions,
  • the impact of Polish-Russian political and cultural antagonism on relations between Poles and Ukrainians,
  • the role of activists of Polish and Ukrainian national movements in multiplying academic knowledge and shaping political discourse,
  • the exchange of views between Polish and Ukrainian intellectuals and the venues in which this took place,
  • strategies and interpretative models used by intellectuals in the period under discussion.

The conference will take place in Warsaw on 9 and 10 May 2024 and will bring together renowned scholars from Poland, Ukraine, Austria, Canada and Germany. The event is an important element in the Mieroszewski Centre's efforts to promote Polish-Ukrainian intellectual and political dialogue, while providing an opportunity to exchange ideas and views in an international group of experts.

Below, you can find, the full programme for the event.