HUMBUG / edition 1

The HUMBUG fact-checking workshop organised by the Mieroszewski Centre and the Demagog Association is aimed at teachers who want to help their pupils deal with disinformation. Thanks to them, participants learned how to recognise disinformation, protect your pupils from the influence of false information and develop critical thinking.

Social media, while serving many positive functions, has become an ideal environment for the spread of disinformation. The rapid flow of information, the lack of content verification and the so-called information bubbles that segregate our beliefs make it easy to believe false information and share it widely.

In this workshop, teachers learned how to use fact-checking tools and analyse the reliability of information sources. Our aim was to equip you with the tools to effectively identify misinformation.

One of the important tasks of teachers is to educate pupils about disinformation. Our workshop provided participants with ready-to-use teaching materials and strategies to help guide conversations about recognising disinformation and building resilience among students.

"More trainings like this are needed" - is the opinion of one of the workshop participants.

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