Humbug - fact-checking workshop

Humbug - fact-checking workshop

Nowadays, practically everyone is exposed to disinformation. The spread of false, manipulated information is particularly fostered by the development of mass media. People are misled on the Internet, television and radio, among others, and widespread access to mass media means that false information spreads very quickly, sowing panic, arousing fear, concern and anxiety, and directly leading to wrong decisions - as intended by the disinformer.

An effective fight against disinformation requires, first and foremost, an awareness of the purpose of disinformation activities, the ability to distinguish verified, true information from false information and to draw knowledge only from verified sources. These skills, which are useful to every conscious person nowadays, can be acquired at workshops run by the Mieroszewski Centre in cooperation with the Demagog Association.

Humbug is a fact-checking workshop aimed at teacher and educators to present what disinformation is, what it is used for and how to effectively distinguish truth from manipulated information. The fight against disinformation is based primarily on making the public aware of techniques for spreading false information, recognising them and knowing how to choose reliable sources of information.

The knowledge gained in the workshops can then be passed on by teachers to their pupils, thus sensitising the younger generation not only to the dangers of disinformation, but also teaching them to distinguish false information from the truth. Indeed, the fight against disinformation nowadays requires knowledge, awareness of the dangers of disinformation, vigilance and broad public involvement.

What is a humbug? It is a colloquial term for deception or trickery. The word humbug is often used to express doubt or scepticism about something that is treated as false. It can also be used to express disapproval of dishonest actions or practices. Humbug is also understood as a misrepresentation or dishonest action.

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