A thought and a word. Polish-Russian ideological discourse of the 19th century

Author: Praca zbiorowa
Scientific editing: Łukasz Adamski, Sławomir Dębski
Publisher: Centrum Polsko-Rosyjskiego Dialogu i Porozumienia
Edition: pierwsze
Publishing date: 2014
Binding : twarda, szyta
Format: 155 x 245 mm
Number of sites: 496
ISBN: 978-83-935192-3-1

There was no other time in history when relations between Poles and Russians were as intense, as the 19th century. 

The political thought of both nations and immense inspirations that Polish and Russian intellectuals provided each other with, are still an important matter, making the essence of Polish-Russian tensions, including the present ones, easier to comprehend.

The history of Polish-Russian intellectual interactions, disputes, and mutual ideological inspirations is a little-known issue, and very often overlooked everywhere beside Poland. The ignorance prevails due to a widespread stereotype, which minimizes the story to war campaigns, partitions, uprisings, and martyrdom.

The book is a result of an international scientific conference organized by the Centre for Polish-Russian Dialogue and Understanding in 2012, with Alexander Hercen and Joachim Lelewel as its patrons. It contains articles by such researchers as Wiktoria Śliwowska, Andrzej Walicki, Andrzej Nowak, and Leonid Gorizontov.