Uprisings in Gulags. Accounts of Polish Gulag Prisoners

Author: Selected and compiled by: Agnieszka Knyt. Based on interviews recorded by Tomasz Gleb, Wiesław Krasnodębski and Małgorzata Strasz
Publisher: The Centre for Polish-Russian Dialogue and Understanding, KARTA Centre
Edition: First
Publishing date: 2022
Binding : Hardback
Number of sites: 280
ISBN: 978-83-65979-28-3
Funding: Co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage from the Promotion of Culture Fund.

The first anthology of testimonies of Poles who were imprisoned in Soviet gulags after 1944 due to their involvement in the underground movement for independence and who rebelled in the camps in conditions seemingly not allowing for any kind of resistance.

The co-organisers, participants and witnesses of the uprisings in the camps of Vorkuta, Norilsk and Kingir in 1953 and 1954 talk about their life and resistance. Thanks to the prisoners' testimonies, recorded in the 1990s, we can learn first-hand about a story which has so far been nearly unknown.

I felt a burden of my 20-year sentence. After what I saw after a couple of months, these 20 years seemed unbearable. Half a year – I thought – my God, only half a year, what’s next?- Józef Halski (prisoner of the Norilsk Gulag)

In my life, I have experienced two moments of happiness. The first, when I managed to become a soldier of the Home Army, and the second – when I was released from the Soviet death camp. - (Prisoner of the Vorkuta Gulag)

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