«Vyzvalyenyya» i zanyavolyenyya. Pol’ska-byelaruskaye pamyezhzha 1939–1941 hh. u dakumyentakh byelaruskikh arkhivaw

Publisher: The Centre for Polish-Russian Dialogue and Understanding

Professor A. Smalyenchuk is an outstanding researcher of the krajowcy movement the author of a monumental biography of its leading representative Roman Skirmunt, but his interests are much broader. He is one of the leading representatives of 'oral history' in Belarus, has organised numerous expeditions to the Polish-Belarusian borderland, during which accounts were collected on contacts between the two nations, especially before the outbreak of World War II and its consequences for the inhabitants of that area (see In the days of the first Soviets)

The book contains extremely important, and so far unpublished, sources concerning the Soviet-occupied north-eastern lands of the Second Polish Republic. Among them, we can find information on the public mood, and resistance towards the totalitarian regime. The publication of Prof. A. Smalyenchuk is important both for the history of Belarus and Poland.

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In 2022, the book will also be published in Polish.