"Tango" in Kyiv

Where: Kijów

ul. Bogdana Chmielnickiego 5


Narodowy Akademicki Teatr Dramatyczny im. Łesi Ukrainki, Centrum Mieroszewskiego

Language: ukraiński
Broadcast: nie

On the initiative of the Mieroszewski Centre, Slawomir Mrożek's 'Tango' was staged for the first time in Ukrainian on 29 February 2024 on the stage of one of Ukraine's most important theatres – the Lesa Ukrainka National Academic Drama Theatre.

This unique event presented a classic work of Polish drama is a significant step in promoting Polish culture abroad and in strengthening cultural ties between Poland and Ukraine.

"Tango", one of Mrożek's most significant works, analyses the crisis of values and the conflict of generations with humour and insight, presenting universal questions about the nature of society, family and the search for identity. This premiere not only testifies to the universality of the themes explored by Mrożek, but also to the common heritage and understanding that unites our peoples.

A performance in Ukrainian on such a prestigious stage as the National Academic Drama Theatre testified to the recognition of the value of this play and the Ukrainian audience's interest in Polish culture. The text of the drama – especially for the Kyiv premiere and commissioned by the Mieroszewski Centre - was translated by Andriy Savenecia.

The drama, directed by Oleksandr Stepantsov and staged on the theatre stage, also symbolises the extraordinary resilience of culture and everyday life in wartime Kiev. Despite the hardships brought by the war, the city's cultural life continues, and Mrożek's play, which analyses the crisis of values and the conflict of generations, finds new resonances in these difficult circumstances. An Evening with 'Tang' highlights the strength of the human spirit and the ability of art to bring people together, even in the most difficult of times, offering a space to reflect on modern times and universal dilemmas

Sławomir Mrożek, "Tango Tragicomedy"
Translation from Polish Andrij Savenec
Running time: 1 hour 40 min.
Premiered on: 29 February 2024

  • Directed by – Oleksandr Stepantsov
  • Set Designer – Olena Drobna, Kostyantyn Kravets
  • Choreographer – Natalia Burlaka
  • Sound Director – Alla Muravska
  • Light Designer – Ihor Golovachov
  • Assistant Director – Serhii Lytvyn
  • Prompter – Lilia Pas`


  • Artur – Hlib Suryaha
  • Eleanora – Kseniia Nikolaieva / Oleksandra Yena
  • Stomil – Sergiy Berezhko  / Victor Saraikin
  • Eugenia – Natalia Kudriavtseva
  • Eugeniusz – Oleksandr Gannochenko / Boris Voznyuk
  • Edek – Volodymir Osadchiy  / Vadym Yermishyn
  • Ala – Dina Andriichuk / Anastasia Shestopal