New issue of "Mówią Wieki"

In this year's first issue of the history magazine "Mówią Wieki" – which the Mieroszewski Centre is co-publisher – this main theme are deportations and resettlements.

The current number takes readers into the exciting world of history, combining in-depth analyses and perspectives from different eras. The January issue features, as always, a historical telegraph and a diverse cross-section of topics offering a rich mosaic of historical narratives and analyses, whose authors and contributors seek to explore the issue of population resettlements.

An article on "Mass deportations - from Nebuchadnezzar to Putin" - by Lukasz Adamski, Vice Director of the Mieroszewski Centre - outlines the history of deportation and extermination from the "Babylonian slavery" of the Jews, through the cruellest ethnic genocides to Russia's deportation of at least 19,546 Ukrainian children - the orphans and those whose parents were arrested by the occupying forces. In the forthcoming second anniversary of the full-scale war, as the author himself points out, it is worth remembering that of the almost 20,000 identified teenage Ukrainian citizens, only 387 have so far been returned.

 In addition, in "Mówią Wieki" featured topics are:

 Deportations of the German population to the State of Moscow,

 Forgotten Genocide. Ormenians in Turkey,

 Resettlements and deportations in the Stalinist era,

 From Hitler to Putin: child abductions by Russians during Russia's current aggression against Ukraine,

 or the resettlements of Ukrainian and Lemko populations from Poland to the USSR (1944-1946).

"Mówią Wieki" is already in selected newsstands - highly recommended!