What's new in 2024?

The year 2023 of the Mieroszewski Centre ended with a summary of its activities in numbers, and on social media channels we shared each other's impressions of the undertakings organised in the past year.Our recipients and audiences praised the Humbug workshops, the summer schools and the Open Competition, among others. We can assure you that all of the above-mentioned activities will continue, as the Centre wishes to maintain its carefully chosen direction. Over the next twelve months, however, there will be no shortage of premiere initiatives - what will be new with us?

On the eve of the second anniversary of the outbreak of full-scale war associated with the aggression of the Russian Federation, the Centre is aware of the dangers of getting used to the tragic state of affairs of a devastating armed conflict. The Centre intends to continue its mission of comprehensive support for Ukraine and its people in the form of: cultural and publishing events, conferences and expert seminars taking into account the specific situation of a country at war with an aggressive neighbour.

In 2024, the Mieroszewski Centre will add a Belarusian module to the programme of "Words to Words" translation workshops, and the publishing house will prepare several publishing novelties. On the other hand, did you hear that at the end of last year we made electronic editions of some of our publications available for free? 

The Centre will soon present a campaign on stereotypes about Georgians - we have prepared unconventional audiovisual materials with which we will tell the story of the Georgian people in a thought-provoking way. In addition, the Centre will introduce the figure of its patron and present a brand new and unique programme on the YouTube platform - we cannot reveal more details yet!

What we can announce, however, is a new series of meetings entitled 'Conversations at Maisons Laffitte', a joint venture with the Literary Institute in collaboration with the Centre for Eastern Studies. As part of the 'conversations', we will be meeting for seminars with intellectuals and experts on Eastern policy. The event will be inaugurated in April!

Last year we held our premiere debate in Brussels, while in the coming months, through a series of open public discussions and closed expert seminars on the European Union's policy towards the eastern neighbourhood, we will gradually increase our presence and visibility in Brussels. 

The Centre will not forget about its scholarship holders either, as it will be extending its scholarship offer this year - watch out for announcements of calls for applications. In addition, we will continue our educational workshops, present new polling reports and invite you to more summer schools. 

Last year we organised nearly 40 debates, expert discussions and study visits. Will we break that record this year? We will do our best! It is going to be a really exciting twelve months and we hope that you will come through 2024 with us!