Georgian dream

Where: Warsaw

Koszykowa Library, 26/28 Koszykowa St., Warsaw, first floor room

Western countries expected Georgia to take a clear stance on Russia's armed aggression against Ukraine.

However, after a period of increased striving for closer cooperation with the EU, Georgian authorities have developed an ambivalent attitude towards its Western partners and Russia, which affects their position on the Ukrainian-Russian war. During the debate, we would like to focus on three main issues:
- Are attempts to maintain good relations with Russia due to the Georgian government's close contacts with the Russian government, or is it due to the fear of the 2008 war repeating?
- How is Georgian society reacting in the face of the war in Ukraine? Who are the people calling for support for Ukraine and rapprochement with the EU?
- What attitude do Georgians have to the successive waves of Russian immigrants after 24 February?

Participants of the debate:
• Stasia Budzisz, reporter and translator, moderating
• Wojciech Górecki, Center for Eastern Studies
• Kornely Kakachia, Georgian Institute of Politics