Soviet repression against the Poles - citizens of the USSR.

Research Project Leader: Dr. Maciej Wyrwa

  • The aim of the project is to deepen the knowledge of the repressions of the Soviet authorities against Poles in the territory of the USSR.

A special place in the project has NKVD’s “Polish Operation” of 1937–1938 -  an example of genocide crime against the Poles - of which, was killed at least 120 thousand soviet citizens, mostly Poles. Soviet citizens, mostly Poles. Archival queries in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Poland are the core of the studies. As a result of the research four bilingual volumes of historical sources materials will be published, as well as a special English-language publication on NKVD's  "Polish Operation". Nevertheless, it will be important to create an online database with basic information about each of the identified victim of Soviet crimes and a website popularising knowledge about it.

Ongoing projects