Cynics, nihilists or imperialists?

Cynics, nihilists or imperialists?
fot. Marek Gorczyński
Where: Warsaw

Zielna Centre, Europa room on the 6th floor 37 Zielna Street, Warsaw

Russia is known to have a peculiar attitude towards international law. Politicians’ speeches and doctrinal texts are filled with pompous words about attachment to the international legal order.

However, the country’s practical actions have contradicted these declarations for years. Indeed, Russia blatantly violates fundamental rules and customs while presenting the guise of legal arguments. How can this be understood? The most straightforward explanation would be to assume that the Russian elites are cynical nihilists. While this assumption would have more than a grain of truth in it, such an answer would not be sufficient.

If you would like to learn more about the origins of Russia’s attitude to international law, feel invited to take part in a public discussion with one of the world’s top experts on the subject, Professor Lauri Mälksoo. The Polish translation of his book ‘Russian Approaches to International Law’ has just been published by the Mieroszewski Centre. Based on Russian sources, the Estonian researcher demonstrates how the Russian idea and practice of international law are rooted in imperial ideas and actions. The book zooms in on a number of contradictions: Russia’s devout attitude to its own sovereignty coupled with the belief in natural ‘spheres of influence’ and the resulting inability to recognise the sovereignty of its closest neighbours. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss these and other themes with the author face to face.