Russian Approaches to International Law

35,00 PLN
Author: Lauri Mälksoo
Translation: Magdalena Klimowicz
Publisher: Centrum Polsko-Rosyjskiego Dialogu i Porozumienia
Edition: pierwsze
Publishing date: 2022
Binding : miękka, klejona
Format: 155 x 235
Number of sites: 352
ISBN: 978-83-66883-22-2

When Russia and Europe talk about international law, do they mean the same thing?

The peculiar Russian approach to international law is not a new phenomenon. It has deep historical roots that date back to Tsarist Russia. They acquired additional specific features in Soviet Russia and are now creatively developed in Putin’s times. Undoubtedly, Lauri Mälksoo’s book offers a better understanding of what the Kremlin has in mind when it sermonises about international law while waging an outlawed aggression war. The publication shows that legal concepts and terms that are well-established in Western political culture can assume a different meaning when coming from the mouths of Kremlin politicians with Soviet background.