This is Drama

This is Drama
45,00 PLN
45,00 PLN
Author: Anton Bieskorowajny, Wikientij Bryz´, Gierman Griekow, Igor Jakowlew, Natalia Miłantjewa, Marija Ogniewa, Swietłana Pietrijczuk, Jelena Szczetinina, Tatiana Zagdaj, Ołżas Żanajdarow
Translation: Róża Kochanowska, Joanna Kontor, Klaudia Kostyra, Paulina Kwiatkowska, Maciej Małek, Anna Maroń, Ryszard Pestka, Joanna Pietrak, Marcin Szczyciński, Katarzyna Waszczuk
Publisher: Centrum Mieroszewskiego
Edition: pierwsze
Publishing date: 2022
Binding : miękka
Format: 205x124mm
Number of sites: 379
ISBN: 978-83-66883-46-8

A collection of previously unpublished dramas by Russian authors. Dramas so topical that some of them were written under a pseudonym, and one of the authors - playwright Svetlana Petriychuk - was detained by a Russian court for two months on charges of inciting terrorism. The reason for the detention was a performance of 'Finist - Bright Miracle - Falcon' shown on the basis of a drama of the same title printed premiere in 'This is Drama'.

  • What does Russia look like through the lens of those citizens who view it critically?
  • How do the attitudes of Russians today towards the war relate to the characters described in the drama on the eve of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine?
  • And what happens to those who defy authority?

We encourage you to buy the anthology-map. A map guiding you through the realities of contemporary Russia and its people, a map revealing the spirit of the nation and the apparatus of the totalitarian state and, above all, a map telling you what Russia's 'imagined communities' really look like in times of fetishisation of violence and celebration of militarism.

'This is Drama' is an anthology of 10 dramas, selected by playwright Mikhail Durnienkov. The entire work was translated as part of the "Polish-Russian School of Translation. Words to Words" realised by the Mieroszewski Centre.