Thinking Wisely

The International Summer School ‘Thinking wisely. The Mieroszewski Centre's School of Political Expertise’


We invited students, PhD candidates, young scholars, journalists and experts in the field of international affairs to participate in the international summer school ‘Thinking wisely. The Mieroszewski Centre's School of Political Expertise’. This will be a great opportunity to improve analytical skills, explore research methodologies and learn more about the work of think-tanks. The programme also includes training in analytical writing skills, which is essential for anyone wishing to produce valuable analyses and reports.

The main objective of the summer school is to combine theoretical knowledge with practical workshops, which will enable participants to deepen their analytical skills and their capacity for logical argumentation. We also wish to enrich participants with new cultural and international experiences and encourage them to analyse various aspects of Polish-Ukrainian relations.

What can be expected?

During six days of intensive classes, participants will have the opportunity to:

  • deepen their critical thinking skills and gain knowledge about decision-making mechanisms and the requirements of effective analysis by working with experts from the think-tanks: Ukrainian Prism, Polish Institute of International Affairs and the Mieroszewski Centre,
  • improve your analytical skills to avoid the threat of being a pseudo-analyst,
  • share their own research and reflections in discussions with other participants,
  • consider the complexities of Russia's war with Ukraine from the perspective of international law and through the lens of global conflicts,
  • meet talented researchers from neighbouring countries and make valuable contacts.

Recruitment details below:

  • Date: 14-20 August 2024.
  • Venue: Tatariv, Ivano-Frankivsk region, Ukraine
  • Participants: students and PhD candidates from Poland, Ukraine, Moldova and young leaders interested in public affairs, international affairs, international law and history.
  • number of participants: 15 people
  • requirements: candidates are required to be fluent in English and have research interests in areas such as international relations, international law and history.

In addition, the Mieroszewski Centre provides: accommodation and meals, participation in lectures and workshops, supporting materials, and transport from the Tatariv train station (Tatariv-Bukovel) to the hotel and return. We cover transport costs up to €300 for all participants.

Safety issues: the location of the summer school has been carefully selected based on the distance from the war zone and other security considerations to ensure a peaceful and safe environment for participants to learn and discuss.

Ongoing projects