Neighbourhood Trialogue

How to analyse logically and argue politically? Do you want to immerse yourself in the world of historical analysis and current international events? At the Mieroszewski Centre's Autumn School Trialog Neighbourhood you will learn how to identify and analyse sources of disinformation and manipulation techniques. Through the classes you will develop critical thinking and analytical skills.

  • You will become familiar with tools and methods to gain a deeper understanding of international relations and their impact on the global scene.
  • You will discover the ins and outs of statistical analysis and learn to recognise when numbers can be used to mislead. All this with practical examples from history and the present.
  • You will immerse yourself in historical debates about different interpretations of events. You will learn about perspectives and how researchers seek to uncover the truth.
  • You will focus on methods of resolving neighbourhood disagreements related to the 1939-1945 period.
  • You will analyse the ethical, historical and legal aspects of the nation's responsibility for the actions of governments. You will engage in a discussion on the relationship between citizens and authoritarian power.
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