Polish-Georgian School of Translation

Polish-Georgian Translation School

Do you dream of being a translator and bridging cultures through words? The Mieroszewski Centre's unique Polish-Georgian Translation School is a place where your dreams can become reality. Get ready for a journey into the world of translation, languages and intercultural communication.

The lecturers are experienced translators and linguists with extensive experience in working with both Polish and Georgian. The school's programme is tailored to the needs of its participants: we start with the basics, emphasising understanding of the cultural and linguistic context, and gradually introduce you to more advanced translation techniques.

We know that practice makes perfect. That is why the Mieroszewski Centre's School focuses not only on theory, but above all on practical translation tasks. You will get the chance to translate texts by prominent Georgian writers.  

During the Mieroszewski Centre's Polish-Georgian Translation School, you will join an inspiring community of people with similar interests. Together we will share knowledge, experience and support each other in the learning process.

What will you learn at our school?

  • basics of translation and translation techniques
  • analysis and comparison of Polish and Georgian language structures
  • recognition of cultural subtleties in the source and target text
  • practical aspects of translator's work
  • intercultural communication and understanding cultural differences in the context of translation
Ongoing projects