Polish-Ukrainian School of Translation | edition 1

The first edition of translation workshops for beginning translators of literature from Ukrainian into Polish - the Polish-Ukrainian School of Translation Words to Words - runs from October 2023 to June 2023. Out of more than 50 people willing to participate in the workshop, 10 have been selected to begin their adventure with translation.

Thanks to us, the participants will learn the whole cycle of the translator's work: from finding out about the publishing market and selecting a text for translation, through analysing a literary text, editing one's own translation, to the legal aspects of the translator's job, obtaining funding and contact with publishing houses and theatres. They will put their acquired knowledge into practice right away - during classes they will work on essays by contemporary Ukrainian authors on culture, its perception, role and place in the modern world. The translations will then be published by the Centre in the form of an anthology.

The workshop comprises nine weekend meetings (Saturday-Sunday). Each of our meetings is divided into two parts: lectures by masters, experienced translators, editors, publishers and experts, and workshop work on translated texts.

Ongoing projects