Words on Words. Polish-Ukrainian Translation School

Polish-Ukrainian Translation School

Do you dream of starting a career as a interpreter? Do you want to broaden your language skills and gain practical translation experience? Our Polish-Ukrainian Translation School Word-to-Word is perfect for you!

At our translation school for budding translators and interpreters, we focus on translating from Ukrainian into Polish. Whether you are just starting out in translation or already have some experience, our workshops will provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills that will come in handy as a translator.

Our experienced tutors will guide you through various translation techniques, key grammatical issues and language difficulties, as well as talk about how the Polish publishing market works.

The workshops are conducted in the form of interactive sessions that allow you to practise your translations and receive immediate feedback from our experts. We also work in groups, sharing our experiences and exchanging ideas with other workshop participants.

At our Polish-Ukrainian Translation School, not only can you gain practical translation skills, but you can also network with other translators, which can be very valuable at the beginning of your translation journey.

Workshops for beginner translators from Ukrainian into Polish take place in Warsaw in a friendly training space, and the work of the 9-month school results in a publication with texts translated by the school's participants.

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