"War 2022" in Lublin

Where: Lublin

ul. Lubartowska 77


Centrum Wolności w Lublinie, Centrum Mieroszewskiego, Nowa Polszcza

Language: polski
Broadcast: nie

We are seeing you in Lublin on 23 November for another presentation of our book 'War 2022'. On 30 October 2023, Warsaw's Dom Towarowy Braci Jabłkowskich hosted the premiere of our newly published book 'War 2022: Essays, Poems, Diaries'. This time we would like to invite you to another meeting around the publication.

At the invitation of the Volunteer Centre in Lublin, we will meet on 23 November at 5 p.m. at 77 Lubartowska Gallery (the former Wag Hess factory). The meeting around the book will follow the same formula as during our Warsaw premiere. In the company of the authors - Julia Musakovska and Natalia Tkachyk, the originator of the anthology - who is at the same time the moderator of the conversation - Zhenya Klimakin, and the literary editor - Andriy Savenets, we will talk about the diversity of the texts contained in the book, their essence for the Polish reader, and we will hear selected excerpts in the interpretation of Wojciech Dobrowolski.

It will also be possible to purchase the publication on the spot (cash payment). See you in Lublin!