Polihistor | What does Putin's arrest warrant mean?

Putin's arrest warrant
fot. Vito Corleone / Zuma Press / Forum

What does Vladimir Putin's arrest warrant issued by the International Criminal Court in The Hague mean in practice?

What offences does the ICC charge Putin with? What real impact might the warrant have on Russia's actions? This is what Bartek Gajos discussed in the next episode of Polihistor with Rafal Tarnogorski of the Polish Institute of International Affairs, a specialist in international law.

- If Vladimir Putin were to end up on the defendant's bench, it would be a trial on the scale of the one we know from Nuremberg and Tokyo, the podcast guest said.

- Putin will try to go somewhere outside Russia to demonstrate in this way that he is above the law and the ICC arrest warrant means nothing to him. - Tarnogorski added.

- For the Russians, it will be an unpleasant experience every time they ask a country Putin wants to visit whether he will accidentally be arrested in accordance with the ICC warrant. - commented Polihistor's guest.