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Follow the Mieroszewski Centre's programme, Polihistor 2.0. Hosts Ernest Wyciszkiewicz and Bartek Gajos, take the discussion from the past to the present, focusing on the analysis of contemporary political issues affecting Central and Eastern Europe. 

Polihistor 2.0 combines a tradition of in-depth analysis with a modern approach to current events. The series, which airs Monday to Friday at 18:00 on the Mieroszewski Centre's YouTube channel and podcast platforms, offers 15-minute episodes that are an excellent way to understand how the past informs the future.

This marks the end of our acclaimed series Polihistor, in which Bartek Gajos, together with experts from Poland and Russia, uncovered the secrets of the past, analysing key moments in the history of both nations.

We invite all our viewers, both those who have been with us on Polihistor and new ones, to join us on a journey through Polihistor 2.0. Subscribe to the Mieroszewski Centre's YouTube channel so you don't miss an episode of this exciting new series, which will shed light on the complexity and relevance of contemporary Central and Eastern European issues.

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