Presentation of the album "The Struggle against the Russian Empire in the engravings of Artur Grottger"

Where: Kijów

ul.B.Chmielnickiego 8/16


Centrum Mieroszewskiego, Państwowa Agencja Prasowa Ukrainy Ukrinform

Language: ukraiński
Broadcast: tak

The book, edited by Dr Łukasz Adamski, is the first publication in Ukraine of paintings by Artur Grottger, an outstanding Galician-born Polish Romantic painter, dedicated to the January Uprising and the events that preceded it.

On 23 November at 4 p.m., we invite you to a presentation of the album "The Struggle against the Russian Empire in Artur Grottger's engravings".

The book includes Grottger's paintings dedicated to the uprising - some of which were stored at the Lviv Art Gallery, from where they were stolen in 1992 - as well as an essay on Grottger by Professor Grzegorz Bombiak and an article on the history of the struggle against the Russian Empire in the lands of the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth by Dr Łukasz Adamski.

The January Uprising was the largest guerrilla war in Europe in the 19th century. It had a huge impact on the fate of the Polish, Ukrainian, Lithuanian and Belorussian peoples. In response to the uprising, the Russian Minister of the Interior banned the publication of religious, educational and training books in Ukrainian (the so-called Valujevsky Circular).

The presidents of Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania signed a joint declaration at a meeting in Lvov on 11 January 2023, calling the 1863-1864 war with Russia a 'joint uprising against tyranny and oppression'. Earlier, the foreign ministers of Ukraine, Lithuania and Poland commemorated the uprising in a declaration signed in Vilnius on 7 July 2021.

"The Struggle against the Russian Empire in Artur Grottger's Engravings" is a joint publication of the Ukrainian Mystetstvo Publishing House and the Mieroszewski Centre.


  • Serhiy Ponochovny, director of Mistectwo Publishing House
  • Łukasz Adamski, Deputy Director of the Mroszewski Centre

The event will be broadcast on the Ukrinform YouTube channel at this link.