The Centre

The Mieroszewski Centre is a state institution established by the act of the Polish Parliment and supervised by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland.

The mission of the Mieroszewski Centre is to initiate, support and carry out activities aimed at the peoples of Eastern Europe, in particular Ukrainians, Belarusians, Georgians and Moldovans, in order to strengthen the independence of their countries, in the light of Russian attempts to revise borders and rebuild regional hegemony, to support processes that will contribute to the building of mature democracies, to bring them closer to Euro-Atlantic structures and to deepen their ties with Poland. Dialogue with the Russians remains within the Centre's sphere of interest, but for both political and moral reasons it must be limited to individuals and institutions that have unequivocally condemned Russian aggression and crimes. 

Our patron is Juliusz Mieroszewski (1906-1976) - widely regarded as one of the most outstanding Polish political writers of the 20th century. Mieroszewski, as a convinced rationalist, believed that in the long term it is ideas that shape the world and are the determinant of the development of history, not the material base.

We pursue our objectives through:

  • research
  • publishing
  • disseminating knowledge about the political situation, history, culture and heritage of Central and Eastern European nations in Poland and abroad
  • conducting and supporting educational activities
  • combating stereotypes
  • counteracting disinformation
  • organising conferences, seminars, lectures and public debates
  • co-financing projects undertaken to promote dialogue in Polish-Ukrainian, Polish-Belarusian, Polish-Russian, Polish-Georgian and Polish-Moldovan relations
  • running scholarship programmes
  • maintaining contacts with academic, expert, scientific, cultural and political centres