Війна 2022: щоденники, есеї, поезія

30,00 PLN
Author: Володимир Рафєєнко - упорядник збірки
Publisher: Stary Lew, Nowa Polszcza
Edition: перше
Publishing date: 2022
Binding : twarda, szyta
Format: 145x200 mm
Number of sites: 438
ISBN: 978-966-448-066-3

The second, expanded edition of the anthology "War 2022: Diaries, Essays, Poetry", which contains works by Ukrainian authors written after 24 February, has been published. This is a project of Nova Polshcha / the Mieroszewski Centre.

On 24 February, another act of Russian aggression took place - a full-scale invasion that changed the lives of not only Ukraine but the entire world. The war brought Ukrainians a lot of grief, horror, and irreparable losses, but amidst the terrible trials, the thirst for victory and faith in it were strengthened.
The new war reality gave rise to the phenomenon of new literature, which is not only a reflection on the events, but above all a realistic portrayal of the Ukrainian struggle for their home, land, and independence. The anthology "War 2022", compiled by Volodymyr Rafeenko, contains fragments of diaries, essays, and poems by contemporary Ukrainian writers.
"These texts are mostly not the result of rationally constructed writing, but the embodiment in words of the shock of the outbreak of a full-scale war, piercing pain for one's country and people, sincere faith in Victory and the light of the invincible human soul. The value of this book lies in its unintentionality. These words could not be contained, they appeared because they could not help but appear. This is an anthology of war, an anthology of resistance, an anthology of Victory," Volodymyr Rafeenko, writer and compiler of the collection.

The anthology includes works by:

  • Victoria Amelina
  • Sofia Andrukhovych
  • Yuri Andrukhovych
  • Kateryna Babkina
  • Maksym Bespalov
  • Volodymyr Vakulenko
  • Yuriy Vynnychuk
  • Pavlo Vyshebaba
  • Iryna Vikyrchak
  • Larysa Denysenko
  • Lubko Deresh
  • Anatoliy Dnistrovyi
  • Serhiy Zhadan
  • Oles Ilchenko
  • Yulia Ilyukha
  • Oleksandr Irvanets
  • Pavlo Kazarin
  • Kateryna Kalytko
  • Ia Kiva
  • Pavlo Korobchuk
  • Lina Kostenko
  • Oleg Kotsarev
  • Halyna Kruk
  • Anastasia Levkova
  • Andriy Lyubka
  • Vasyl Makhno
  • Oleksandr Mykhed
  • Kateryna Mikhalitsyna
  • Yulia Musakovska
  • Olena Pavlova
  • Volodymyr Rafienko
  • Bohdana Romantsova
  • Mariana Savka
  • Iryna Slavinska
  • Ostap Slyvynsky
  • Olena Stepanenko
  • Natalia Tkachyk
  • Ksenia Kharchenko
  • Iryna Tsilyk
  • Artem Chapai
  • Artem Chekh
  • Gaska Shiyan
  • Irina Shuvalova
  • Petro Yatsenko.