Imperia, narody i społeczeństwa Europy Wschodniej i Środkowej na progu I Wojny Światowej

39,00 PLN
Scientific editing: Andrzej Nowak, with Mikołaj Banaszkiewicz as a contributor
Publisher: The Centre for Polish-Russian Dialogue and Understanding
Edition: 1st
Publishing date: 2017
Binding : Hardcover, sewn binding
Format: 156 x 247 mm
Number of sites: 713
ISBN: 978-83-64486-45-6

The previously prevailing paradigm of research into the Polish history in the years of World War I focused on strictly political and military aspects of Poland’s path to independence.

The research intention of our project is to broaden this perspective and, above all, to challenge the teleological assumption contained in that paradigm, whereby all roads (research paths) lead to Independence. In brief, we would like to look at the history of this area of interest not from the perspective of 1918 (11 November) or 1917 (7 November), but in the light of social experience, political ideas and cultural contexts of 1913 or 1914, i.e. the experiences and ideas of the participants of the analysed events and processes. We believe that this perspective will cast a new light on the significance of the changes that the Great War introduced to these experiences and ideas. (from the Introduction).

The book is co-published by the Centre and the Tadeusz Manteuffel Institute of History, Polish Academy of Sciences.