Between Settlement and Insurrection

49,00 PLN
Author: Collective work
Scientific editing: prof. Henryk Głębocki
Publisher: Centrum Mieroszewskiego
Edition: first
Publishing date: 2023
Binding : Hardcover, sewn binding
Format: 155 x 245 mm
Number of sites: 414
ISBN: 978-83-66883-44-4

"Between Settlement and Insurrection: The Limits of Polish-Russian Political Compromise in the Period of the Congress Poland 1815-1830"

"Between Settlement and Insurrection" is a must-read for all people seeking a detailed insight into the period of the Congress Poland, which formed Polish-Russian relations for decades. The book offers not only a retrospection of the events between 1815 and 1830, but also raises questions about alternative historical developments that could have avoided conflict.

The publication, edited by prof. Henryk Głębocki, is the result of an academic conference held on the anniversary of the last coronation of Tsar Nicholas I as King of Poland. At the time, the widely commented event gathered a number of eminent experts who tried to familiarise the audience with the complex aspects of Polish-Russian relations from this key historical period. Reflecting on the failed settlement experiment and analysing 'unreasonable Polish nationality' in the context of modern Eastern European identities, they offer a rich background for understanding the dynamics of Polish-Russian relations.

Find out more about the era that defines some of the most important moments in the history of Polish-Russian relations. Was there a chance for peaceful coexistence between the two nations and what events shaped their subsequent history? You can find a detailed analysis in the book - "Between Settlement and Insurrection".