Przegląd Rosyjskiej Kultury Opozycyjnej ROAR #1

How has Russian culture reacted to the Russian aggression against Ukraine? That culture which is far from imperial pride and grandeur, willing to take a critical and honest look at how the war happened and ready to talk about guilt and responsibility? 

We present the Polish edition of the first issue of the Russian Oppositional Arts Review (ROAR), which is published once every two months from 24 April 2022.

The portal was created to offer its readers artefacts of contemporary Russian-speaking culture in opposition to the official culture - loyal and servile.

The texts available in Polish were written between 24 February and 24 April and some of them are published anonymously or under a pseudonym. Written immediately after the aggression, in the heat of the moment, they are a polyphonic record of disbelief, impotence and shock, as well as the incompatibility of the experiences of Russians and Ukrainians.

The translations were produced as part of the Mieroszewski Centre's project 'Polish-Russian School of Translation. Words on Words'. Translations of further issues are forthcoming.

Our sincere thanks to all the translators and interpreters: Ewelina Adamczyk-Rośczak, Magdalena Buczyńska, Waldemar Hołodniuk, Amelia Kurjaniuk, Magdalena Michalak, Magdalena Michocka-Babiuk, Jakub Pabisz, Aneta Szekalska, Anna Górka-Piwońska, Ełona Curkan-Dróżka, Ewa Podgórska, Ewelina Wegner, Paulina Pielech, Patryk Zielonka, Marta Łukaszewicz, Katarzyna Syska, Marcin Szczyciński, Anna Maroń, Ewa Goczał, Agata Wróbel, Aleksandra Żuk, Agata Wróbel, Jan Wolski, Maciej Małek, Sebastian Markiewicz, Magda Dolińska, Joanna Kontor, Anna Zalewska, Joanna Kontor, Monika Uranek, Justyna Pisarska, Agnieszka Sowińska.

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