Tbilisi International Book Festival

The Mieroszewski Centre in Tbilisi | Mieroszewski Centre
Centrum Mieroszewskiego na Targach Książki w Tbilisi
Where: Tbilisi

Expo Georgia

The Mieroszewski Centre was at the Tbilisi International Book Festival. This is one of the most popular cultural events in Georgia, with a growing public interest every year. In recent years, the fair has hosted up to 100,000 visitors.

Each year, the organisers of the fair choose a country to be the guest of honour, which is intended to ensure a rich and distinctive programme of events, as well as to strengthen the relationship between the Georgian publishing market and publishers from the host country. As a result, such a meeting is also expected to allow dozens of translations to be initiated and partnerships to be established. In previous years, the guests of honour were Norway, Germany and Finland. In 2023, it was Poland.

The Polish Institute in Tbilisi and the Polish Embassy in Georgia were responsible for the organisation of the Polish stand, and the slogan of the Polish events is "Solidarity for Freedom".  

The Polish missions in Georgia have invited a number of institutions from Poland, whose publishing profile is oriented around the common history of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. In addition to the Mieroszewski Centre, the International Cultural Centre, the KARTA Centre, the Institute of National Remembrance, the Pilecki Institute and the National Ossoliński Institute were also exhibiting their publications.

The programme of the International Book Festival included many meetings with Polish writers, researchers and cultural managers.

The Mieroszewski Centre, meanwhile, was showing its scientific publications, mainly in the fields of history and international law. Among those going to Tbilisi are Documents for the History of Polish-Soviet Relations 1918-1945, the works of Włodzimierz Bączkowski, and publications on the Russian attitude to international law - a book by Lauri Mälksoo and The Case of Crimea's Annexation under International Law. The Nova Polshcha/Novaya Polsha portal was also be presented in the capital of Georgia.