For Our Land, Not Yours. Ideological Aspects of Nation-Forming Processes in Central and Eastern Europe

Scientific editing: Łukasz Adamski
Publisher: The Centre for Polish-Russian Dialogue and Understanding
Edition: 1st
Publishing date: 2017
Binding : Hardcover, sewn binding
Format: 155 x 245 mm
Number of sites: 468
ISBN: 978-83-64486-61-6

The history of Central and Eastern Europe is, in a way, tantamount to the history of Polish-Russian rivalry over the souls of Lithuania and Ruthenia inhabitants: today’s Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine.

The articles collected in this volume offer a better understanding of how the nations of today’s Central and Eastern Europe evolved and why Poles, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Lithuanians and Russians are still divided by the conflict of historical memories. (from the Editor).

This book represents an important intellectual contribution to understanding all those processes and determinants that accompanied the emergence of the national identity of Poland’s eastern neighbours. It is a rare combination of political sensitivity and scholarly competence represented by its co-authors. (from a review by Prof. Andrzej Gil).