Ukrainian opinion leaders in Poland

Where: Warszawa

Press Club Polska, Press Club Ukraina, Centrum Mieroszewskiego

A study visit of Ukrainian opinion leaders 'Independent media and their impact on democracy building in transition' is taking place in Warsaw.

Independent media play a key role in a democracy. They are a source of information and opinion for citizens, and they also control power. Journalists investigate topics that are important to society and present different points of view. The role of the media is particularly important now that Ukraine remains at war with Russia.

During the study visit, Ukrainian journalists, as well as NGO activists, will learn about the Polish experience of creating free media and its role in the democratisation process. In Poland, independent media played an important role in the 1989 system transformation process, journalists were an essential element in building a democratic state.

Participants from Ukraine have the opportunity to take part in meetings with representatives of the Polish media, politics and the third sector. During the visit, they learn how the media can contribute to the development of a democratic society and how to deal with political and economic pressures.

The programme of the visit includes, among others, the following topics:

  • the role of the media in democracy
  • the transformation of the media in Poland after 1989
  • public and private media
  • media in the digital era
  • defence against disinformation
  • the role of the media in combating corruption and repairing the state
  • protection of the independence of journalists and professional standards
  • European and Atlantic perspective of Ukraine
  • politicians-media relations

The visit also aims at indicating the directions of changes that could take place in Ukraine, i.e. strengthening the independence of the media from the authorities, expanding human and financial resources, as well as cooperation with media from other countries.

The visit was organised by Press Club Poland and Press Club Ukraine with the support of the Mieroszewski Centre. As part of the visit, 10 people from Ukraine, including journalists and NGO representatives, came to Poland.