Polihistor | Doomed to be an empire?

What was Russia for Piłsudski? Did he see a chance for peaceful coexistence between Poland and Russia? Could Russia, in Piłsudski's opinion, have become a democratic state?

This is what Bartek Gajos talked about in the next episode of Polihistor with Dr Krzysztof Kloc from the Institute of History and Archival Studies at the KEN Pedagogical University in Kraków.

- Piłsudski criticised Russia for what he called Dostoevism. He meant humbling oneself before the authorities watered down with messianic-spiritual philosophy. - said Dr K. Kloc. 

He added that 'according to Piłsudski, Russia could only be an empire. In his mind, if Russia ceased to be an empire, it would also cease to be Russia."

He also commented on the Ukrainian issue - "Russia can only be an empire by owning Ukraine - Pilsudski understood this perfectly."