Who’s Afraid of International Law?

We invite PhD students, young scholars or public affairs professionals from Poland, EU countries and Eastern Europe to participate in our international summer school ‘Who’s Afraid of International Law? On the importance of the international law in the light of Russian aggression against Ukraine’. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about the perspective of international law towards historical events and its role in the work of international affairs analysts and historians.


International law is of great importance to the world of politics and diplomacy, as well as to historians. It is a tool for regulating relations between states. It is largely through it that the international community takes political, economic and military action against those states that violate it.

During the summer school, you will have the opportunity to meet distinguished lecturers who specialise in international law and history. During the intensive classes, you will learn about the basic principles and regulations of international law and how it affects the interpretation of historical events.

Our summer school is not only about learning - it is also a great opportunity to meet other talented scholars from neighbouring countries sharing a difficult history.

We warmly invite all those interested in expanding their skills and knowledge in the fields of history and international law, as well as meeting interesting people from Central and Eastern Europe.

Recruitment details below:

  1. when and where: 25-30 August 2024, Masurian Lake District
  2. participants: 20 doctoral students, young researchers or public affairs professionals from Poland, EU countries and Central and Eastern Europe
  3. language: very good passive and active knowledge of English (the official language of the school) is required
  4. lecturers: distinguished international lawyers and political scientists, including Prof. Ireneusz Kamiński, Dr. Karolina Wierczyńska, Dr. Patrycja Grzebyk, Dr. Agnieszka Bieńczyk-Missala
  5. programme: lectures, case studies and workshops on the importance of international law in the contemporary world in the context of the war unleashed against Ukraine by the Russian Federation. With the help of experts, we will look for answers to why we need international law, we will also try to look at the history of a just international order based on law and how international law shapes transitional justice
  6. requirements: a CV and cover letter in English should be sent to by 26 May 2024. Selected participants will be notified of the results of the selection by 9 June
  7. we provide: accommodation, meals, participation in lectures and seminars, supporting materials as well as transport from Warsaw to the Masurian Lake District and back
  8. we cover transport up to EUR 300 for participants from outside Poland
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