Poland and Poles as seen by Ukrainians 2023

We will soon be presenting another report from a survey of Ukrainian public opinion on attitudes towards Poland and Poles. This is the second time in the last several months that the Mieroszewski Centre has commissioned the Ukrainian sociological laboratory Info Sapiens to conduct a survey on the perception of Polish-Ukrainian relations. Our first report, from 2022, is available at this link.

This year's survey was conducted on 9-15 October, a few weeks after the apogee of the 'grain dispute' between Poland and Ukraine. The timing of the survey gives a real insight into the shape of Ukrainian public opinion and also allows us to track whether there have been any significant changes in the perception of Poland and Poles by Ukrainians over the past year.

The report will provide answers to the following questions, among others:

  • what is the level of knowledge of Poland and the Polish language, as well as sympathy for Poles among Ukrainians and Ukrainian women,
  • how our neighbours perceive Poland's commitment to Ukraine,
  • what expectations Ukrainians have regarding the future nature of Polish-Ukrainian relations,
  • and what problems in Polish-Ukrainian relations the respondents see.

Ukrainian society still has a very high level of sympathy for Poland and Poles. Compared to last year's survey, a noticeable group of Ukrainians have started to see problems in Polish-Ukrainian relations. 

The survey indicates that the issue of the 'grain dispute', although it contributed to Ukrainians' awareness of many problems existing in relations with Poland, did not significantly affect the overall positive perception of Poland and Poles probably because Ukrainian public opinion does not unilaterally attribute blame to Poland.

The full report will be published in December 2023.

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